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Things to do in Jamaica

Things to do in Jamaica


Things to do in Jamaica

Jamaica has a rich heritage of culture and fun activities to part take in island wide, the following are activities that can be done in each parish.


Kingston, Jamaica

Known as the first metropolitan city in Jamaica and the capital of the island, Kingston offers a wide variety of activities to part take in, like going to the different museums, the national gallery, scenic tours of Kingston, historic sites and visit the famous Bob Marley museum and depending on when you go you might even be able to meet some of his children. Kingston offers over a 100 different restaurants of different cuisines.


St. Thomas

In St. Thomas there are mostly nature lover’s activities to do from visiting the famous reggae falls, to the bath botanical garden which is the second oldest botanical garden in the western hemisphere. There are historical sites to view and beaches to swim in.


Portland, Jamaica

You will find gorgeous beaches, waterfalls. Markets and art galleries, eco-tourist destinations and recreation and other fun thigs to do in Portland and also hiking the famous blue mountain.


St. Mary Jamaica

Known for the beach where the first James bond film was shot, James bond beach is located in St. Mary, the parish has tons of beaches, falls, a botanical garden and  has a plantation in which is open for visits, caves and forts which were built during wars and great houses and a lighthouse.


St. Ann Jamaica

St. Ann has cultural and nature lover activities from the famous Dun’s River fall. To mystic mountain rollercoaster, eating jerk chicken, visiting blue hole and scenic tours whether by horse or atv bikes at chukka cove. The resorts on the north coast are fantastic with a beautiful view of the ocean.


Trelawny, Martha Brae Bamboo Rafting

Trelawny mostly known for its beautiful rivers and beaches and its historic landmarks has fun things to do like, shopping on the boardwalk at the dock, touring historic landmarks, going rafting in the Martha brae river and hiking.`


Montego Bay hip Strip

Packed with all the ingredients for a fun tropical vacation, Montego Bay famously called “mobay” is a thriving cruise ship port and a hot spot for value-seeking tourists. Activities in Montego Bay tick all the Bucket list boxes. Divers and snorkelers can explore the protected waters of the Montego Bay Marine Park as well as reefs fringing the blonde-sand beaches. Other popular things to do include fishing, golfing, guided river rides on bamboo rafts, and ziplining through the jungle and visitors can take a tour of the famous Rose Hall Great house which is a historic landmark.



Negril Seven Mile Beach

One of the main attractions in Negril, Jamaica is the beaches, specifically the famous Seven Mile Beach. Although this is a small town of about 3,000, it stretches across two parishes and there are a number of beautiful beaches for people to enjoy. This natural oasis is ideal for sunbathing, snorkeling, and even scuba diving, along with a number of other fun water sports. 


St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Home to the black river safari tour and the lovely YS waterfalls is St. Elizabeth Jamaica, there is also the Appleton estate rum tour for alcohol lovers and kids can go on the tour as well. St. Elizabeth is also home to some of Jamaica’s history in which maroons who were once slaves on plantations escape and seek refuge in what is now known as accompong village, the history continues to the popular scenic view of lovers leap where two slaves that were in love decided to jump of a cliff because the their undying love for each other could not be known by slave masters, other activities include going hiking and visiting treasure beach for seafood and recreational activities.


Manchester Jamaica

Central Jamaica has little attractions such as hiking and shopping or even historic site.


Clarendon Jamaica

Clarendon famous known for the lunch stop at Juci patties in Clarendon Park, has few attractions such as milk river, vernam field for racing purposes, hales hall great house which is a historic site which stands upon land given to Major Thomas Hales, an English officer in 1655. Halse played a leading role in the Maroon Wars. After his death in 1702 the house was owned by Francis Saddler Halse and was expanded.


St. Catherine, Jamaica

Famously known for the most dangerous bridge in the country “flat bridge” because of its low and flat structure, it is dangerous to cross as it has no barriers preventing anyone from going over into the heavy current waters. St. Catherine is also known for its beaches such as hell shire and fort Clarence beaches, there is also caves and mountains to hike in this lovely parish.



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