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Who are the Stockbrokers in Jamaica

Who are the Stockbrokers in Jamaica

Who are the Stockbrokers in Jamaica?



A broker is a financial house in which purchases securities on your behalf.  In Jamaica to purchase stocks on the Jamaica stock exchange, you need to go through one of the 12 brokers on the island. They are listed below.


Barita investment

The Barita Group is made up of Barita Investments Limited and its subsidiary Barita Unit Trusts Management Company Limited. Barita was founded by Rita Humphries-Lewin in 1977 and has the distinction of being one of the oldest stock broking companies in Jamaica.
In August 2018, Cornerstone Investment Holdings acquired majority shares in Barita Investments Limited. This continues the companies mission and vision to be a premier investment force in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

Services offered Barita :

  1. Cambio : Barita is a licensed Cambio dealer authorized by the Bank of Jamaica to buy and sell foreign currency. They trade primarily four (4) major currencies; United States Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Great Britain Pounds and Euros. they buy and sell currency mainly in the form of drafts, cheques and wire transfers.
  2. Fixed income
  3. Stocks
  4. Pooled Funds
  5. Financial Planning

The current price listed o stock prices is 20 as of 2018 October 17

Contact Number:  

Head Office

15 St. Lucia Way 
Kingston 5
Jamaica, W.I.
Toll Free: 1-888-429-5333
Telephone: (876) 926-2681/926-6673 
Fax Number: (876) 929-8432
Email: barita@cwjamaica.com



GK Capital Management Limited

GK Capital Management Limited is the private equity and investment advisory arm of GraceKennedy. Our strength lies in the value of teamwork, quality and an acute vision for success. GK Capital offers an exclusive suite of products and services that efficiently cater to corporate and individual investors. They are a diversified investment company that caters to our investors’ needs with a highly talented and knowledgeable, cross-functional team, armed with a depth of expertise.

Services offered GK Capital Management Limited:

  1.  Alternative leading
  2.  Stock Brokerage 
  3. Investment Banking 
  4. Private Equity 

Contact Number :

Head Office

58 Hope Road
Kingston 6
Jamaica, W.I.

Phone: (876) 932-3290
Fax: (876) 927-9273
Email: GKCapital@gkco.com




The Jamaica Money Market Brokers(JMMB) Group is one of the Caribbean region’s most dynamic and successful financial institutions with an expanding footprint in Trinidad and Tobago. The Group, growing towards a fully-integrated regional Financial Services Company holds a 100% ownership of the Trinidad-based Intercommercial Bank Ltd. now re-branded to JMMB Bank (T&T) Limited and Intercommercial Trust & Merchant Bank Ltd. The Group’s other local subsidiary JMMB Investments (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited – JMMBITT, incorporated in October 2011– began offering a range of Repurchase Agreements and Fixed Income investments in January 2014. Having acquired AIC Securities, currently known as JMMB Securities in April 30th, 2014, JMMBITT has become a full-fledged Broker-Dealer offering equity, portfolio management, and investment advisory services.

JMMB(Jamaica Money Market Brokers) Stock Brokerage

Buying and selling stocks online is their specialty. In fact, they are the largest retail stock brokerage in Jamaica. they aslo offer the option to buy stocks through their Jmmb online banking services call  Moneyline platform.


Products Banking Services

  • Everyday Banking
  • Online Banking 
  • Personal Lending
  • Savings & Chequing Facilities
  • Residential & Commercial Mortgage
  • Electronic Banking
  • Business Banking Investment & Securities Services.
  • portfolio management
  • Insurances 
  • Car Loans 
  • Mortgages 
  • investment advisory services
  • Money Transfer

JN Fund Managers Limited

JN Fund Managers Limited, JNFM, is a licensed securities dealer and a full-service investment manager offering: Wealth Management; Asset Management; Pension Fund Administration and Investment Banking. They are also a member of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

Their headquarters is in New Kingston, Jamaica, they serve clients through regional offices in Montego Bay, St. James and Mandeville, Manchester and by Dealers’ Representatives located in branches of Jamaica National across the country. JNFM’s reach is international, with service to overseas-based clients who can call us or use our state-of-the-art online facilities.

JNFM began in 1996 as Investment Managers Limited, and was restructured in 2000 to form JN Fund Managers Limited. JNFM’s new mandate is to offer a wider suite of investment products and services in order to address the growing needs of a diversified securities market.

JNFM subsidiary of the 142-year-old Jamaica National, the Caribbean’s largest mortgage provider, JNFM is anchored by a legacy of integrity, innovation and performance.


Services offered by JN Fund Managers

  • Business Banking Investment & Securities Services.
  • portfolio management
  • Money Transfer
  • Mutual Funds  
  • Stock Brokerage





JN Financial Centre
2 Belmont Road
Kingston 5, Jamaica, WI

JN Financial Centre
Lot 2-5 Megamart Complex
Montego Bay, St. James

Mandeville Plaza
Mandeville. Manchester



They are stockbrokers and wealth managers. MVL opened to the public in April 1990 and conducted its first trade on the Floor of the Jamaica Stock Exchange in August of that year, when the Jamaica Stock Exchange’s trading floor was in the Bank of Jamaica Building at Nethersole Place in Downtown Kingston.

Services offered by MVL StockBrokers :

  • Assess Managment  
  • Stock Brokerage
  • Research 


Mayberry Investment Limited 

Mayberry Investments Limited is a full-service financial advisory and brokerage firm specialising in Trading, Asset Management and Investment Banking

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Creating value through knowledge.
  • Attention to detail – getting it right the first time.
  • They care about our family of customers, employees, shareholders and the community at large.

Mayberry Investments Limited provides a variety of portfolios, specifically designed to suit your investment needs. Whether you’re investing for a home, retirement, or education, They have a portfolio package just for you.


Services offered by JN Fund Managers

  • Business Banking Investment & Securities Services.
  • portfolio management
  • Money Transfer
  • Mutual Funds  
  • Stock Brokerage
  • Cambio
  • Asset Managment 


NCB Captial Market Limited

NCB Financial Group Limited (“NCB Group”) was incorporated in April 2016 to be licensed under the Banking Services Act as the financial holding company for National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (“NCB”).The NCB Group consists of several Companies Which are listed below 

  • National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB)

  • NCB Capital Markets Limited

  • NCB Insurance Company Limited

  • NCB (Cayman) Limited

  • Advantage General Insurance Company Limited

  • N.C.B. Foundation 


National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB):

Has roots dating as far back as 1837, and has a pioneering legacy that has been sustained as the organisation has evolved and transformed. Today, NCB stands as the largest and most profitable financial institution in Jamaica. NCB provides an array of products and services to meet the banking needs of customers; deposit accounts, unsecured and secured loans, credit cards, overdraft lines, foreign exchange, personal and private banking services. NCB also serves as the parent company for the following subsidiaries:


NCB Insurance Company Limited:

Offers solutions to meet the life insurance, long-term investment, and pension needs of individuals and group clients.

NCB (Cayman) Limited:

Is the offshore banking subsidiary of NCB and provides banking and trust services.

Advantage General Insurance Company Limited:

Is wholly owned by NCB Capital Markets Limited and is the island's largest general insurance company.

N.C.B. Foundation:

The philanthropic arm of NCB Group, was formalized to fulfil the bank's philanthropic commitment as a leading socially responsible corporate citizen, actively building the communities in which it serves. Since inception in 2003, the Foundation has channelled over $1 Billion dollars to support development projects across Jamaica in the areas of:

  • Education
  •   Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Community Development & Sports


NCB Capital Markets Limited:

Is the wealth, asset management and investment banking arm of NCB Group, offering investment and brokerage solutions for individual and corporate clients and investment banking solutions to our corporate clients. Through NCB Capital Markets (Cayman) Limited, NCB Global Finance Limited and NCB Capital Markets (Barbados) Limited, similar services are extended to the Cayman Islands, Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados.

Services offered by NCB Capital Markets Limited

  • their product offerings are:

    • Bonds
    • Money market Securities
    • Mutual Funds
    • Unit Trust
    • Stocks
    • Individual Retirement Account (offered through NCBIC)

    Our services include:

    • Investment Advisory
    • Discretionary and Non-discretionary portfolio management
    • Primary Dealer Services
    • Estate Planning
    • Retirement Planning

Proven Wealth 

PROVEN Wealth Limited (PWL) is one of the Caribbean’s premier wealth management companies, managing billions of dollars of assets on behalf of our institutional and individual clients. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of PROVEN Investments Limited, the Company is built on a strong capital base and track record of success.

PROVEN Wealth Limited is licenced and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) as a Securities Dealer; by the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) as a Cambio and holds a broker/dealer license from the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE).

  • their product offerings are:

    • Repurchase Agreements

      If your financial goals include capital preservation and liquidity, then Repurchase Agreements (REPOS) may be right for you.

    • Bonds

      PROVEN Wealth Limited specialises in the trading of local, regional and global, sovereign and corporate bonds for clients who expect attractive fixed income returns over the medium to long term.

    • Stock Brokerage

      If you want to buy or sell stocks of companies listed on the local, regional or international stock exchanges, then PROVEN Wealth Limited is your broker of choice!

    • Structured Notes

      PROVEN Wealth Limited offers Structured Notes in both Jamaican and US currencies. These notes are usually short to medium term and provide our clients with competitive investment returns.

    • Unit Trusts

      The PROVEN Select Fund offers a suite of Unit Trust Portfolios designed specifically to allow our clients to further diversify their portfolios and earn attractive returns on both JMD and USD Investments.


Sagicor Investment 

Simplicity, Flexibility and Choice is yours when you use our equity trading services.

Stocks are an important component of an investment portfolio. Sagicor Investment will manage all of your trading needs by executing all stock purchases and sales. They offer investors the opportunity of purchasing stocks on both the local and overseas stock exchanges. Investing in the equities can provide an investor with added diversity to their portfolio.

When investing in a company stock, you should consider the following:

  • The potential for superior returns over the medium to long term.
  • Its tax free. Capital gains and dividends are not subjected to tax.
  • Allows any individual over 18 years to purchase stocks listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.
  • Starts with a minimum purchase of 100 units
  • Are subject to fees.*

Key Benefits

  • Excellent Service
  • Comprehensive information
  • Your money earns interest
  • Flexible and competitive commissions rate

Key Benefits


Contact Us 
They want to hear from you
 Live Chat
JAM 888-SAGICOR(724-4267)
UK 00-800-4-SAGICOR


Scotia Investment 

Scotia Investments Jamaica Ltd. is a subsidiary of Scotia Group Jamaica Limited (Scotiabank Group) and represents the investment arm of the Group. Scotia Investments currently offers the widest array of investment products and services in Jamaica which includes:



Scotia Investments Head Office is located just off Trafalgar Road on Holborn Road. Located in Kingston's new business district it allows easy access from Half-way-tree road, New Kingston or Trafalgar road.



  • JSE(Jamaica Stock Exchange) Current Trades
  • Currency Converter: JAMAICAN DOLLARS(JMD) To Other Currency
  • 1 Jamaican Dollar = British Pound 0.00606
  • 1 Jamaican Dollar = Canadian Dollar 0.0099
  • 1 Jamaican Dollar = Japanese Yen 0.82109
  • 1 Jamaican Dollar = Swiss Franc 0.00748
  • 1 Jamaican Dollar = United States Dollar 0.00754
  • 1 Jamaican Dollar = British Pound 0.00605


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